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James can tell you many things, where to find a good place to duck and take a nap, where to find some decent coffee, places where you can get a good meal for cheap, but there are also things James can't tell you. Like who his family is, or his last name... or even the last time he felt like he belonged someplace.

Growing up an orphan, James didn't have much, except an ability he learned about when he was young. Almost anything he touched, he could upgrade or boost into an advanced form. Could turn a computer into a super computer, a smartphone into a spy's fantasy, increase and advance the power of someone else with an ability, or even give an ability to someone who doesn't have one. At least for as long as he's touching them. He can go longer, but it drains energy from him, and last time he did that, he passed out and woke up in some gang's hideout as their newest member. Forced to upgrade things over and over for them, he did everything he could to escape.

When he did, he made himself two promises, 1) he'd never go back, and 2) he'd never make the same mistake he made the last time. No more trusting people enough to use the full extent of his ability, no more letting people get close only to have them hurt him, and most importantly, no more staying in one place. Just because he's free now doesn't mean he'll be staying that way, so he runs, because there's not much else he can do.

((This is an RP journal. James is mine, and that's about all that is. Mun and muse are both over 18))
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